AC Power Cord  

AC Power Cord Introduction

The power cord is a current transmission tool, which can be divided into AC power cord and DC power cord according to different purposes. AC power cord is used to transmit alternating current, and the transmitted voltage is relatively high. Power cord is mainly composed of metal conductor and insulation cover. Common metal conductor is copper which has good ductility and conductivity. As for insulation cover, common materials include PVC and rubber.
AC power cords are often used in various home appliances, desktop computers, printers, and medical equipment.

Types of AC Power Cord

AC Power cord can divided into "Detachable" and "Non-Detachable":

  • Detachable: Detachable AC Power Cord is also known as power cord set, consisted of male plug and female connector. Male plug is used to connect the power output device, such as the socket in the building, female connector is used to connect the power input device, such as home appliances or computer equipment. Generally, female connectors must comply with the IEC60320 standard.
  • Non-Detachable: Non-Detachable AC Power Cord means the power cord only has a plug at one end, and the plug is connected to the power output socket, while the other end of the power cord is directly combined with the electrical equipment.

Different regions have different safety standards and plug types. At present, the mainstream power cord certification bodies are: UL (U.S.A), VDE (EUROPE), BSI (UK), SAA (AUSTRALIA), PSE (JAPAN), CCC (CHINA), BSMI (TAIWAN).

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