AC Power Cord  

What is a Power Cord?

Power cord is the tool with conductors to transmit electric. Power cord can mainly divide to 2 types—AC and DC.
AC (Alternating Current) Power cord is to transmit high voltage. It is used to drive machinery or home appliances. Since AC power cord is output of high voltage electric power, there is a risk of electric shock injury, therefore, All the AC power cord must comply with safety standard to produce. DC (direct Current) power cord is used to the applicance with lower voltage mostly, so safety requirement is less stringent.

Where offer to?

Lian Dung group have professionally produce power cord for more than 30 years with wealthy experience. Our products have been approved with worldwide safety approvals include: UL (U.S.A), CSA (CANADA), INMETRO (BRAZIL), VDE (GERMANY), BSI (UK), EAC(RUSSIA), SAA(AUSTRIALIA), SASO(SAUDI ARABIA), PES(JAPAN), KC(KOREA), CCC(CHINA), BSMI(TAIWAN)…etc.

What is a Power Cord Used For?

Power cord can be used in wide range of industries. Home appliances, charging equipment, lighting, Gym appliance, computer, tool, pump, compressor, medical equipment, and so on. All products which are driven by electricity need a power cord.

Why Choose Lian Dung

In order to ensure that customer receive products with excellent and stable quality. Lian Dung works hard to improve our ability. We are certified by ISO 9001, Our quality policy “ Quality, Service, Innovation, Responsibility” is to show our persist to Quality. In addition, we continually to brave innovation, open-minded review, keep improving, are to enhance customer’s confidence to us and make “Lian Dung” to be great.

In response to the changes of the era, environmental awareness rise. We have never ignore the importance of environmental protection while our development. We are certified by ISO 14001environmental regulations, we also strictly control the raw materials and components to comply with RoHS 2.0, REACH regulatory standards to ensure the safety of consumers to use our products.

Lian Dung mainly offer our products by B2B. If you need power cord, no matter how big is the quantity, you would be welcome to contact with us. We will surely offer the reasonable, fair price to you according to the material cost. Besides to customize power cord for your request, we can also customize the package to assist your management, assembly and packing more convenient.

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