LT-547R&L- IEC 320 C17 Connector, angled type  

Complied Standards:IEC 60320-1 C17
Plug Type:IEC320 C17

Available Color: Black, White, Grey

Available Length: Customized

Application:Televisions, game systems, audio equipments and vacuum cleaners

REACH/ RoHS Compliant

Approval: NA


Angled connector for home appliance, based on IEC320 standards.
Usually used in the back of televisions, game system, audio equipment and vacuum cleaners etc.

Product Feature
Available Cords
SPT-2 18/16A x 2C
SPE-2 18/16A x 2C
*SVT(5) 18/16A x 2C
*SJ(1) 18/16/14A x 2C
*SJT(3) 18/16/14A x 2C
*SVE(4) 18/16A x 2C
H05VV-F 2 x 0.75/1.0
10/13/15A 125/250V
10A 250V

*Cord Group:





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